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To the one who doesn’t feel like their enough,

or worth it,

or accepted.

Not beautiful,

Or enough,

Or loved.

I have a secret to tell you.

It isn’t whispered but shouted.

It is a secret only to you, only because

these words fall upon your deaf ears.

Your insecurities aren’t you.

Not even close.

But they are loud, so loud.

They creep up on you, sneak behind your confidence

And scream.

You shrink in fear,


Quiet their voices, refuse to listen.

You don’t think your strong enough,

But you are.

There is one who guards you,

Who keeps you,

Who created you.


Your beautiful imperfections,

Your loves,

Your desires,

Your dreams,

Your goals,

Your sense of humor,

Your personality.

All given to you,


Designed for you.

Not someone else.

He looked at the world,

And knew it wasn’t complete.

No, not complete, not even close.

The world needed you.

You play a part,

In His grand plan.

Whether you see it now,

or never.

It’s there.

So, my beloved one,

When you feel them come,

The insecurities,



The one who holds you is greater.

His love is greater.

Turn to them.

Give them to him.

Rest in his grace and peace,

And please, my love,

Remember you are loved by Him.

  • Your sister in Christ



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