'real me'

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Hello Mr. Or Ms.
Hello Mr. Or Ms.
How long does the presence of a lover last? Does it last till I open my legs leading you in with lust is that all you really want? 
I felt like a potatoe. flying fast as lightning flowers were blooming stress warm summer breeze eyes were opened acceptence  bitterness  intellect  depression joy.
They say that time heals all wounds. But what if the pain Never subsides, And the bleeding never stops? And the scars that people wish they could rub off, You’d give anything to have instead.
I once was a girl who was completely brokenhearted from bullies, to boys, to a broken home. But with a pen and paper and a much needed quiet room there was relief. I could write how I felt,
You're shifting through several dimensions In behalf of your heart seeking divine attentions Your eyes are open but you remain the dark An ignorant upholder conveys a deficient mark
I am the athletic one in the body. I dance, I do aerobics, and I play sports. I am the tough one; I push the body past its limit to function. I like being part of the competition.
I always see the good side of people,Always giving them the ‘benefit of the doubt’,While I expect others to do same for me,Still doing so even when they don’t. 
When I was younger I used to play with Barbies for hours, imagining who I would be when I was seventeen.   Then I grew up.
Girl(n): a young or relatively young woman I am young, comparatively My eyes are not yet wrinkled at the edges My bones are not yet weary
I am Harmony  I am a trailblazer I am an inspiration  I am a role model I am powerful  I am intelligent  I am more than I was yesterday and I will be more tomorrow than I am today
love is not fear.
I am so many things one word cannot decribe, but God is still molding me: I am the word kindKindness that people draw toI am the word kind Impatient was meLove is what I crave to beTo be bold and st
I am simply living, An existence that wants to experience without missing. Defined by an age of two numbers, The view my eyes see are similar to dream-like slumbers. I hear the wind sing,
I am not okay. I never will be. I am the problem. No one cares about me. I am the darkness in a world of light. I am the cause of so many wrongs and no rights. I am a walking mistake.
I am innocence, Bouncing, brunette curls, Fresh, freckly, bright complexion, Naïve, sweet, unburdened—innocence.   I am conformity, Sleek, straightened locks,
Not one of the Me's -But all of the Me's-  All of the different variations of I -All of the I's in me-  Only one you will see. Only one that will stop,
why do these poeple hate on i? when i try to do what is right. all the time. snakes covering my feet.
To say I am perfect Would be an ugly lie   I am not soft Nor innocent I don't need protected Because I protect I am not weak And decidedly not helpless  
The rain in the back of my head comes from The pain that festers in my heart. My disdain towards myself makes me bleed more Then a stab to artery and vein. I bleed
Without a filter I am fragile broken desperate  
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