In the End

To that homeless man who sits ashamed on the streets

I will never understand why life had you beat

You've been insulted and degrated by people who don't understand

That you don't want to be there, begging for their hand

Their loose change would be enough

A warm smile, a kind gesture, a little bit of love

For the one who lost it all and doesn't know where to start

You just lost all control and in the end lost your heart

No help, no family to pull you through

If only they understood that you can't be you

Your dog is loyal to the end

Never judging you he's just being a good friend

Hope is all you need

Love is a growing seed

No one knows your story or what you've been through

In the end all you have is God and you

But as your standing in line, waiting for a free meal

You wonder if God is even real?

You have your days, but in the end you know he's there

Cheering you on because there are people who trully care

That man deserves a little love

He's been through a lot and you'll never know enough

So give him that man a hand

Give him a twenty and some help, he'll thank you in the end.


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