Empty Seat



I stared at your empty seat in math class for days

When I asked you about it, you responded

“It’s nothing, don’t ask”

and I wished I hadn’t said anything at all


I watched your eyelids grow heavier

and your under eyes grow darker

When I asked if you had gotten any sleep, you said

“I did, leave me alone”

and I wished I hadn’t asked anything at all


I heard your lies get longer, louder, lazier

When I brought it up, you said

“It’s not your business”

and I wished I hadn’t mentioned anything at all


I heard the stories and all the rumors and all the “jokes”

When I checked up on you, you simply forced a smile and said

“Everything is okay, stop asking”

and I wished I hadn't continued asking at all


I saw your picture on the back of page thirteen of the newspaper 

and at that moment

I only wished I had said more


This poem is about: 



About a beloved friend.

Rest easy, Ashley Liao.

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