dying melancholy mouse


"What shall I say 

Whether or not be truthful

Or bask and in my sorrows all day.

What shall I say?

Sometimes a piercing gaze puts the pain back

And I shut it away.

What shall I say?

What do I feel out or fall back with no one to catch me.

What shall I do?

Fall back without gravity and with pain, grief and 

Emptiness pulling me down freely.

What shall I say?

Let me be

Or death will set me free

Or shall I fix my expression to say

You may walk all over me so dearly.

What shall I do?

What at shall I say?

It never matter what, where or why? 

In this gaping hole I'm not allowed to

Cry salt droplets of water

ask anyone what you want , it never matters

It's as if the world is staring at me

Like a crazy hatter 

What shall I do? 

Well shall I stay?

In this country, in this county, in this house, in this gaping hole

within this house

Thought the dying melancholy mouse.




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