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The steady hum , the consistent stitching. What seems to have been a million parts is now One. It slips over a form, curves and drapes and ruches. From sketch to sculpture, garments become art.
So many doors And so many opportunities.
I used to wake up hoping to play this great game one day. Now I wake up dying to make it each day. Oh if things had gone my way to the tee, I probably have been all smiles, more happy.
Ink to paper Thoughts turned to immortal words. I am a Creative Writer.   Starving Artist. Lazy. No future.   Voices turn down a permanent passion.
What’s it called when you work hours on end? Yet every minute seems worth wild I think it’s the same thing that makes me smile That phrase “If you love what you’re doing then you’ll never work a day in your life”
A man stumbles in bleeding and burned. Unknown to I  he has 3 children one on the way a wife a family and yet he risks his life for another family up in flames.
All my life I have been wandering I have been wondering I have been searching. I wondered what in the world I would end up being When I finally grew up. And then I decided.
Never seen, never known Hidden behind a pair of googles And the buttons of a lab coat.  With the snap of a glove I am ready to make something That I am truly proud of.  
My Dream Job is quite simple, I wanna be a Superhero
The Silence Is So Loud 
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