Don't You Remember?


Don't you remember all the good times we had

As kids,

Just the two of us against the world?

I certainly do.

I'm the one who remembers everything,


I still do.


Sometimes, I wonder what it would be like

To still have you around.

Would we be super good friends,

Or would we be lovers?

Man and woman as


I know you don't know this,

But I really and truly loved you.

Everywhere I went without you,

I wished so badly that you could be at my side.

My body literally ached

For you.

It was always you,

Ever since I realized how deep my feelings truly went

For the boy with the big vocabulary

And vast reading interests

Who is too mature for his age

(In some ways and not in others)

That decided to sit by me on the bus one day

And became my bus buddy from there on out.

That was you.


Every time that I look at you now,

After all this time,

After allowing time to wash away the pain

Of ending that true friendship,

I wonder if you remember

All of the sparks between us,

You being my friend and standing up for me

When it was just you there for me,

And all the good, fun, innocent times.

I most definitely remember

All those evenings playing outside together

In the park behind your mom's old house

In our neighborhood

And looking into your eyes.

Those big, green, beautiful eyes

That tell the truth

When your handsome mouth does not.

The true windows to your soul,

Your beautiful soul

Full of care, passion, compassion sensitivity, love, and intelligence,

Even if you had a rough childhood.

You've been through thick and thin,

And you're still a great man.

Can't you tell that I miss you,

Your freckles,

Your wavy, brown hair

That you should never cut short again?

Of course you can't tell.

Oh, how I wish that I could tell you everything.

Maybe, one day.


Every time that I look at you now,

After all this time,

What has changed about you?

What has stayed the same?

Is your home life any better?

Do you still have time to read a lot?

How big is your vocabulary now?

Are you still going into the army after high school?

You know how much that I despised that idea,

At least you should anyway.

I still don't like the idea.

A person like you

Shouldn't be easily lost

To war.

What is war good for anyway?

You know the song better than I do.

You and your 70's music tastes.

I don't think you know how special you are.

I know that you didn't then.

How has that all changed now?

What are you like now?

I know that not everything should've changed,

Just like how not everything changed about me

During the rest of my high school career.

A lot has changed, though,

More than you'll ever know, most likely.

After all of this time, though,

My elephant-like memory hasn't changed.

Not one bit.


Every time that I look at you now,

After all of this time,

I wonder,

Don't you remember?



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