Don't you think about doing commit suicide because you worth living for. And if you are being bully do something about it.if someone is bullying that means they wants other/others to feels the same pain as them and don't let get to you because you are unique and amazingly talented don't let anyone stop you from being yourself. standing up for others and for yourself. It can be scary but don't let it get to you still. Find some ways to standing up to the bully or anyone who is being mean. Think about the good things about you or your life and don't think about the bad things.If bad things is still come at you

Don't you worry about it because you are a brave warrior STAY BRAVE. when  You go through something  that you can't handle it just  fight through it you are faced hard challenges all the time. Your life is not dying for !!! It worth living  don't make your life short you only have one life promise me live your life don't let anyone control you or your life it not fair to you that you wants to end your life just because no one don't like their life that they wants to make someone else life feels bad. but please don't end your life because you are the only you on earth that no one can replace you ever that why you are one of a kind and you deeply beauitful and unique, talented person in this world. If the bully or other people said "killed yourself or

go died" DON'T DO IT or DON'T BELIEVE IT because you gives them more power  than ever Don't let anyone get to you. You have the POWER to do something to stop the BULLYING for good. DON'T YOU OR OTHER' S NEVER EVER COMMIT SUICIDE.

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