Don't Die Away


Trapped deep in suicidal thoughts. Just one life. Just your life. That's all it will cost. You don't think anyone cares, but I promise. I promise; I will always be there. You don't understand. If I lose you, I'll never be the same. So please don't die away. You may think it will release the pain. You may think this will make it all go away, but for those of us left, the ones who always did care, the pain will always be there. Maybe if you listen to me and let my words mean something, you could make it through the day. I will do anything to help you be ok. Can't escape your thoughts? Don't worry. Please hold on. I'm coming for you. I could never let you die away, but if you still decide to take your life, I have just one favor to ask. Look me in the eyes. Go on, right in front of me. I'll prove to you that I'll always be there. Can you still do it? Letting go doesn't make you weak. Although, it never gives you what you seek.

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