From a Dog to a Wolf


333 Fernwood Drive
40° 27' 49.2012" N, 3° 44' 57.192" W

Growing up, I was trained just like a dog,

With a conscious as blurry as the deepest fog,

My tail wagged eagerly at the voices of authority,

Who convinced me that what school, church, and the news told me,

Was 100% accurate and not to be questioned,

So, like a well-trained dog, I bought into the message,

Never really thinking about whether or not,

This dogma would put me in the right spot,

To rise above and change my community for the better,

So I could be clothed in accolades like the warmest sweater,

I continued down this well-travelled path,

Until I realized that the words don’t match the math,

Like, how could you have 20 dogs but only 2 milk bones,

And be surprised when the dog park turns into a warzone?

Then it hit me like a ton of bricks…..

I shouldn’t be a part of this shit!

Why be a top dog in the rat race,

When I can be a wolf and move at my own pace?

Why try to hope that master feeds us well,

When hunting for it myself is not only what’s best for my health,

But it also instills a sense of freedom and serenity,

Knowing that my spirit is filled with chain-free energy,

So after my tail uncurls and my ears stand up,

I’m going to flee to the wilderness so I can disrupt,

This slave mentality that they have our society under,

So that the giants may wake up from their slumber.



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