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So many tools At my disposal The wings of Garuda A powerful parrot We speak back and forth Discussing our days
When they announced a great war   That seemed to be the end Pack your bags— Start the draft— Pray a last time…   Eons, millenia, 
The sky was shining blue above, all the people one in love, it was almost as if they never heard of SELF
drink deep; breathe   peace, hidden, in chaos.   bliss, in terror   there is no limitation, anywhere, that is not self imposed  
Shivani comes from Shiva. I was named after the Hindu god of destruction. Isn't it ironic though, how I don't consider myself Hindu anymore? I don't know what or who I am. But maybe it fits.
We are the people of this world We are the people of America What are rights? Does rights have a color, a ethnic a gender, a race? NO Rights are something that is given but yet earned.
My God isn't her god, Isn't His God, Isn't your God. My God has a different name, a different form, and claim to fame.
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