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Dear ProfessorI speakI speak on nothing so you do not hear meI bleedI bleed not blood but knowledge as it boils overI have not reached my full potentialDear Professor
Did you know I have dreams, hopes and goals, a wish? I'm sure you did- doesn't everybody have ambitions to admit? But did you know I can't manage to look past my wrists?
Students a
High School, a place of pity, I ask the teacher "are you listening",  
  An education is something that’s long With angry teachers constantly yelling So you need to be ready and be strong Or Students will be finally telling   The rallies at school make us really sad
Teaching a langauage is his speciality, He should think things over before he speaks to me. He's not even my teacher yet it's me he judges, Little did he know I am known for holding grudges.
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