Disfuntional Love

Your hands came up empty
Your heart became dry
When everything was set to be done.
Everything that was once love became fear
Now here I lay alone
My body grows heavy but not enough to fall asleep
My thoughts keep circling and won’t stop
This has been broken
How many times will I have to be the one to blame?
How could I even love someone so loveless?
I had to be the one to show the worthiness of my heart
So I’m glad you don’t miss me and shed tears for me
I don’t have to use my strength to show you for another second of my time
Your chemical weapon of lust is longer upon me.
Ecstatic that you hurt and wallow in your pain
I feel nothing for you
You said that my pain didn’t hurt, your wrong
You’re the worst I ever had.
So glad you don’t call me back.


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