Disappointment is My Name

Wed, 07/30/2014 - 16:53 -- navyak

Disappointment is my name.

I am a bad case, you see.

I argue and lie,

Cause misery and grief.


Afterall, Disappointment is my name, you see.


I want and want,

Never care to give.

Caught up in my world,

Caught up in my lies.


Embrace this, they say.

It will take you where you need to go.

I do and I stumble back down to where I started.

Can’t you see?

This path isn’t right for me.


No. Try again they say.

This time you cannot fail.

So I go more cautiously and pretend I’m happy...

but the gimmick fails.

I stumble back down to where I started again.


Once more! they say.

You must succeed, it is the only way.

I try and try and fail and fail.

I drown myself in my own unhappiness,

Only to realize that they relish it.


Now I am out of trys.  

And the word DISAPPOINTMENT is stamped across my forehead.

Akin to Shame

Akin to Regret.

Because Disappointment is my name, you see. And now, I will never be able to forget.


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