Deserve in desire


You deserve better,

It’s a phrase that gets tossed
At me a lot
How am I to do better?
I know that I am not a
Beauty Queen,
And not even
Miss Congeniality,
I’m not even sure I am
Miss “she tried her best”)
Better is hard to come by
When no one wishes
To show me what better
Really is

I like to think better
Is a warm cup of tea
And a slow dance in the rain
(Foreheads touching)
I hope its a burning
And slow building passion
I hope better
Are days of sunshine
Punctuated by few clouds
Because better is working through
The cloudy days
I hope better will be 

I wish for better,
Because I am told
I deserve better
But I have yet to meet
Anyone who wishes
To meet halfway
For better.


Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression! 

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