One single word that will be my destroyer

Everything around me, everyone around me is happy

I don’t understand how they can be so filled with joy

How all of the sadness seems to melt away with the phrase “Everything will be okay”

The phrase that I have been told over and over again

The phrase that when I hear it I get full of anger and hate

Because I know it will not be okay

The depression inside me will keep clawing its way through my body

Making me just want to scream out in agonizing pain, lashing out at all those people who told me everything will be okay

Because in reality those people do not feel what I feel

The burning in my stomach or the feeling of something tearing its way through my head

The feeling of holding back tears nonstop because you don’t want to appear weak and fragile  

Only some people get it

And the phrase everything will be okay is just another white lie

To give escape from the problems we don’t want to face

The single word that tore my life apart is


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