Decisions and Exuses


United States

It was what nobody suspect,

And denial begins,

Because how could a girl like me

Who has everything 

Fall into this pit of darkness?


Is it really my fault

That I may be depressed?

With my general anxiety,

My high expectations,

On top of my general stress?


You say I have no reason

To feel the way I do,

as if you knew.

I know that I made a huge mistake,

And that I hurt you.


I thought out help

To improve upon the problem,

But it came instead with its own set

When secrets came out

And the words were uttered.


I know I'm the one that needs to change,

You can't do it for me.

But there is no reason to be upset

When you have no control.

Just help me reach my goal.


If I knew the problem I'd fix it,

But the truth is I don't.

So why do you tell me what to do,

When you struggle to comprehend 

What drove me into the deep end.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community


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