i'm a first generation college kid

i wanted to succeed 

and do what both my parent's couldnt

by earning a degree

so while in school i did my best

got As and Bs and Cs

i've researched with some great professors

and became an internee

i also took on several jobs

and saved all my money

but i spent it all to study abroad

since then i've lived frugally

it's been 4 years since my fiirst day

i'm almost 23

but i'm still enrolled in class this fall

because of my ADD

but fall will be my last semester

in 4 months I'll be free

my parents love the work i've done

i know they're proud of me

in retrospect i've been so blessed

to follow all my dreams

but even though i'm rich in knowledge

my wallet's almost empty


since i owe almost 60k

in expensive student loan fees


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