Dear Lucy (Diary's Entry I)

Welcome back, it's been some weeks baby
I know your mind's way past crazy
I know you don't know that I don't know your thoughts
But today, we figured it out and're so distraught
I wish that I knew how to fix you cause you know I care
I wish that you know that I'll always be there
Even when they're not
Child, I know your heart's got a hole the size of a grapefruit
And I know your feelings won't let you go through it
Neither will I
I'll sit there and cry with you
Get drunk with you
Be there for you when you have those things in your hand
I love you, Dear Lucy
But everyone doesn't and you have to understand that
Take heed of it
Because, as always, in the end you need it

My Lucy, don't worry I'm here
To cheer you up and wipe your tears
Come to me whenever you need it
Take my advice, believe it, achieve it.


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