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I wish to be a sloth     they carry along.     Swinging branch to branch Seeming in a trance
Dear the worst of me,   Greed... Why are you here? I didn't need all these tears. I didn't need you when i was younger
Coils of cold yellow green rope Lying heavy, hold her still Half-sleeping eyes lacking hope Betray her total loss of will. Apathy upon her lies,  Slowing movement, pressing down,
Awake, my soul, awake, Throw off the cloth of ease Try thy own weight and strength Cast off the dust, and reach Arise and stretch Arise and feel Awake, my soul, awake, Chase away the sleep
Would rather sleep all day then go to work Never leaves the house Doesnt make an effort No accomplishments No goals Doesnt care about anything
The sloth moves slowly, like an old man waking up. Nature's elderly
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