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Dear the worst of me,   Greed... Why are you here? I didn't need all these tears. I didn't need you when i was younger
Greed's daughter always asks for more, She fills her mouth with savor, Sweet and salty tastes galore, In each and every flavor.  Her heart is set in love of food, To exclusion of all else,
There's a warm group of pink pigs roaming the unattended class rooms. One little pink pig drifted off due to the sweet aroma of an unknown substance. He then goes onto the kitchen
If I could, I would fast instead, but these concoctions of God, wasted among those with less voracity.
Yesterday, today, the same I’m too cowardly to speak your name I’ve never feared rejection like this I’ve never been afraid to shoot and miss Maybe… with you, there is too much at stake-
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