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I was 15 years old when a boy told said he liked me to my face for the first time. It was the day of the homecoming festival. Music blasting in the background and everybody dancing. It didn't fully register to me until I got home.
Dear Future,   You scare me like the bottomlessness of the sea But you excite me like the sunshine when is gently touches my face You show signs of a great jounrey with wild and captivating advneture 
A glass of the reddest wine one can find, a familiar face sitting across from you, yet it is one that you cannot define. Who could it be or what could it be? Does it have the capability to see?
-I went through a season of roaming. appeared as a tornado in the sand Rotating while in orbit, a cycle that I could not break without the mighty strength of God to stabilize me.
  I hurt and I ache but they will never know, I'm not the same as I was three years ago.   My old self is knocking, trying to escape--
"Be perfect and proper!" "Be quiet and calm!" "Always stay in order!" -That's the idea put in my palm. "Why are you so loud?" "Be more like the crew!" -Forcing me to not be proud
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