Dear Daddy

Fri, 01/05/2018 - 14:10 -- doap22

Dear Daddy,

 I never knew you to call you a Father and what Father would rape their 7-year-old daughter anyway? It amazed me when the excuse was I remind you of my Mother. The same woman you raped for me to be conceived. I appreciate though my Grandmother and her husband protecting me from YouWhen they found out what you did to their precious child. I was told you were listed as a Homicidal Maniac And in prison, you stayed until Death Row. did us ApartYou never really knew how much I wanted you to be like the Father that I saw on Leave It to Beaver growing upThen I realized families weren't that Perfect But I had my Step-Grandfather who treated me like his own daughter. He gave a great Life to Me and Your Mother. Actually she was More my Mother than Yours. I HATED How she had to be in Pain because of you,Yet even being on the Parole board she visited you so much.YOU were supposed to teach me about the History in my Family of the Men before You,But I found out on my own there were great Men before You that make Me feel Proud of the Black Man and Father. I can't change what the meaning of Father is to Me because I had no FATHERI had a Man that impregnated my Mother by FORCE. I don't even know if that gives You the courtesy of even being called Daddy, But one thing You were never is a Father. But I have Forgiven You even though it was very Hard And took Me until recently to Truly do,I Forgive You because GOD is my True Father. GOD gave You a treasure and You abused MEBut YOU have to answer to GOD and GOD has already told ME My True Father, My GOD will take care of How You treated this GEM. YOU have made me become a much Stronger Woman To not just Accept the things I cannot Change but be a Part of the Change. Through my Darkness, I want to bring Light to other DaddiesTo Stand Up and be more to Your ChildrenThey are Truly a Part of You and Carry a lot of You in their DNA.Be as Responsible as many are in being Irresponsible in helping to Make a Child.STAND UP and BE a Real MAN that Treasures their Children, Their True Priceless JEWELS instead of treating them Like ZIRCONIAS. STAND UP and be A REAL FATHER!


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My family


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