Dear ------,

A conversation between two people about a boy she’ll never know:


what is it that you like about him?

like the one key detail that separates

him from the rest



It’s his smile.

There’s something in the way that it

lifts his whole expression, and

tightens the muscles in my

shoulders to stand at attention. It

grips me.

He is always handsome, but. He’s

beautiful when he smiles.


thats wonderful in my opinion.


I fantasize about that. About being

the reason it’s there.


yeah. for me it was the idea of

happiness i could never attain alone

that [lured] me to her

not that i can’t be happy alone but

the idea that it could be multiplied

with someone that felt the same. I

felt happy when i was with her and i

thought it was happiness i

could never get alone [that] was the cause

of it


I want to love him and be loved by



do you love him?


I... I don’t know. I still don’t know him

that well. He’s so hard to read. Do

you want my honest thoughts?


why yes


I think I fall for him a little harder

every day. But I’m met by the

frustration that I’m never going to

be anything more than a face in a



Love Always,


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