Dad 2

Did you ever even care about my opinion?

If you didn’t know, I do have one

I think that you’re a selfish, apathic a-hole

And somedays I used to wonder if you even had a soul

You came home, never asked for anyone’s thoughts

Never cared for the dog going through a loss

Have you ever cared about anyone but yourself?

You don’t even want to know how much hatred I’ve withheld

If karma was a little more proactive, I wonder what would happen to you

For all of the things, you have put others through.

Dad’s are supposed to be looked up to

But all I see from you is what not to do

I wish I could express the feelings my soul wears-

But if I did, would you even care?

If I showed you these poems, these representations of my emotions

Would you feel hurt, knowing that my hatred could fill oceans?

Or would you go along, and just hurt me yet again?

Again and again, having you as family is making me insane

And some days, I wonder why I ever gave you more than one chance

All it did was hurt me, in every single circumstance

Did you even notice? Did you even try to know me?

No, you didn’t. But I wonder, in that dark heart, does it ever get lonely?

I would imagine, since you’re so cold, people get frozen out before coming in

It must be a blizzard in your soul, grab your coats ladies and gentlemen

It’s the man who can’t express any emotion but anger, and maybe that’s all I should return

Cause honestly, with all you’ve done, that’s exactly what you’ve earned

And the worst part isn’t even the parts I’ve described

It’s the artificial love, the hugs, and gifts, which all feel like lies

All of that, do you think it fixes things?

Nothing can fix the feeling your presence brings

The coldness in my own soul, reserved for one

The one who didn’t listen before he was gone

And honestly, at this point, I could not care less if you left

In fact, I think that that would probably be best

I also think you shouldn’t have taken Willow

That’s almost sad, I care more about and loved that dog more than I ever have you, ya know?

Ha, ha, heck it’s almost funny, all of the times when I thought I was wrong

And I really wish I was, but no,  I was right all along

You’re selfish, cold, angry, apathic, and have never cared about anyone or anything

Maybe you’ve forgotten, but you’re not the only living thing

I hate you with every fiber of my being

I know that’s true because when I think of you I feel my heart bleeding

I hope you know that dad, that because of you, my heart feels the poison of hatred

The unforgiving emotion I can never let go of, it won’t leave until I’m dead

I have tried too many times now, I can’t give you another chance when I know you’d just hurt me

It’s been so long since I loved you, I know this is a hatred I will feel for eternity

But consider you no longer my dad, for I don’t want to be associated with you, you’re disowned

What will happen now is unknown, but from now on, leave me alone


(Image and poem credits to myself)

This poem is about: 
My family
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nice poem i wish you had  my dad hes the best its not like we are ritch but he still buys expensive things


this is the best poem of my life i just finished the last dad poem its awsome 



Thank you! I put a lot of raw emotion into my poems, it's nice to get a compliment once in a while.

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