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Searching for one not fast. A woman to see my past. And accept me at last. But I fear I'm out classed. Too much hope has passed. Only pain inside my soul. To many pieces to be made whole. I'm growing so cold. Left alone in the dark.
Did you ever even care about my opinion? If you didn’t know, I do have one I think that you’re a selfish, apathic a-hole And somedays I used to wonder if you even had a soul
To add to the last, I had to make a first. I'm a man of my word, So to all the cute girls...I'm not in need of thirst.   Or am I???? But I gave you that thought. Now I have you thinking,
To smile well depressed is such a strange feelinglook to for help yet your external emotions are concealingalone once again
Father father father you are my everything how wonderful are you No one is perfect but you are expected to
ima be what i set out to be without a doubt about me. and all my other me's will just shout out for me.
I was seeing stars and tasteing blood in my brandy
Tainted Minds....It's amazing how blind we are to things that are right in our sight.
Please Read carefully, thank you.      Two lights in his eyes, so beautiful, i praise him for it is he i can never despise. The beauty of his green iris, spread through my soul, like the most potent virus.
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