Cut and Breathe


In and out the pain is unbearable.

In and out the cracks grow bigger and bigger.

In and out.

Deeper and deeper it goes reaching no where.

Pain is restricting.

Pain is building and tearing at the very sanity of your soul.

In and out.

The air is stiff and unbearable; the pain has made it worse.


If only there was release!

If only there was a key to the chains that restrict your throat and open your mind.

If only in and out were possible.

If only the way out wasn't the way in that spearates reality from your mind.

A temporary relase to a permenant scar.

In and out.


Your brain is crippling in the fire of life and it can't hold on any longer.


The pain begins else where and opens your mind.

Cut and control.

The fog comes in and the scars begin.


The in and out is free in the high of a new controlled pain.

In and out.

Your soul is broken but you have survived.

Cut and control.

Another day of survival turns to another day of pain.

Breath Cut Control.


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