Crowded Streets


Can’t you see my eyes are pouring?

The crowded streets, they’d rather be.

City halls & water falls.

Builded up to fall apart

Damaged without a carefree

Abandoned yards with sleeping families


And who are we?

But who are they to blame?

But isn’t this the life we made?

Take journey to find my soul.

Only to find imperfect in control.


Its alright,

Im breaking through these walls.

Even though they seem to care at all.

Rise or fall, they’ve got the upper hand.

Disguising hate, to feed the homeless man.


Well can’t they see my eyes are pouring?

The crowded streets they have no love for me.

Stand together, hold a weary hand

Or are we to weak to even take that stand?


Rise above this!!!!

Break through the walls

Hear your son’s and hear your daughters call!


And even when my eyes are pouring

The crowded streets they bring some hope to me.

I love em’, I love em’ through it all.

Cause we are one, if we rise or if we fall.

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