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  I remember a time when I was scared of them I never went to close to them I prejudged them, because I didn't know who they were I would just look at them from afar
Cold hands Empty eyes Wandering up and down the streets tonight "Excuse me, Miss, where are you going?" "I'm going home" Wherever that is  
Hear me out, he said    And as the tears drip down my face   My energy begin depleting   This happens to over  one in 45 people  
Everywhere I go, i see a homeless person or two Living on the streets like animals in the zoo How can the government let people live like this They are people too and deserve better
Living on the streets Wondering when and what are you going to eat
If I could do what I loved everyday, 
  Can’t you see my eyes are pouring?
A dull blue hat upon his headBlack ripped gloves are on his handsLost and somewhat confusedThere's this homeless man
    I saw a man sitting on a ledge. His head was low and over the edge. He held a sign with seven bold words. Not the kind often said. All was read and left a constant ringing in my head.
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