The Crowd


United States
25° 34' 24.3264" N, 80° 20' 16.8756" W
I shouldn't have listened
to what everyone was saying.
I shouldn't have doubted
what I didn't have in writing.
I knew deep down
that they were wrong,
but in the crowd I did drown
only hearing their evil song.
You're everything I hoped for!
But I was too late.
Too late to keep open that door.
Why didn't I just wait?
I accused you of being 
someone you're not.
I was not foreseeing
the pain you got.
I think I might've loved you!
Or at the very least adored.
Yet I accidentally chose this new
path down a road that should've been ignored.
Can't we just go back
to how it was before?
Your smiles that I now lack
hurt me to the very core.
The crowd was wrong
and you were right.
You're where I belong
and I should've kept that in my sight.


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