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Almond Eyes, searching for a piece of herself, in a round-eyed town. Her identity uncertain,
Her Paper VoiceBy: Sophia Huynh  
To the boy who said “Sorry, but you look really Chinese”:   Well. Hate to break it to you, but I am Chinese.  
  Fu Manchu, a caricature,
I never meant to use a filter I didn’t think I did. Look at me and tell me what you see
Once, a boy goaded on by his friends yelled “BORDERHOPPER” in my face. (I must have a very large stride, then, to have hopped the Pacific Ocean.) To be fair, it was middle school.
Taylor Talkative, weird, funny, cuddlier Daughter of Jim and Tammy Lover of Chinese, Pizza, Animals, and German Shepherds Who feels happy around animals, and at Warped Tour Sad at Funerals
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