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This is the story of my sister who inspires me to live everyday to the fullest.  
A symbol of humor and comforting words, Of an enormous Lego collection and a well-kept goatee; Glasses and work boots smelling of earth; Making truffles on Christmas;
I'll never know, not until I reach Heaven. I will take these words from God and keep them in a pocket next to my heart, calling them my saving grace: Do not be afraid.
Trauma has many faces. What breaks the heart, Can mend it, too. There is a lightness
In this world we are surrounded by limited resource. Most of which we have destroyed without remorse. 50-100 million buffalo used to roam the great plains. Until 1884 when only 325 remained.
Slipped away from existence Wondering if they were ever true Isolated from men These women never saw the color blue Against war Men were the enemy Dominating places Dominating society
My outlook was blurred My life skewed New environment New schedule New people
Actions Seem Less Lithe Compared To When I Was Young Acting By My Heart  
There once was a wee little thing Who wondered what life would bring Well it brought her thrills And it brought her bills And best of all it brought her knowing!
I hold the broken pieces of my heart Every daughter needs her father  Life decided otherwise I can't stop but think its a dream Envy builds within me Looking back at that morning 
From two wheels to four Parent's money to poor Hanging with mom Going to prom All day of play Working for pay Finding where I belong Growing up strong.
I was filled with child-like joy. Driving my car out of town for the first time after getting my license. But with my hands on the wheel, I realized. You can't drive and enjoy the views of the side road at the same time.
Walking through the store, i feel eyes on me, surprise on me, despise on me,  like i stole something from them. isn’t it funny how they stole mine we all know a good home is hard to find 
Volcanic fury in my chest Timidity stirring in my breast Am I no longer in control? “I’ll one day conquer your patrol”   You covered me with chain and rope You snuffed my every spark of hope
    I rely on an unpredictable, irreplaceable, and sometimes seemingly non reciprocal relationship. Yes, it seems abusive, but trust me we’re fine.  
Desire grips my hand and leads me though the pitfalls of life, driving me to be the best pushing me farther than I go showing me the path I need to follow.  
Dear love , In every way you are everything I need You allow me to lose myself in you and take lead The way that my body moves in perfect sync with you
Do you feel it? Emotions flooding your veins. Happiness, Sadness, Anger, So many uncontrollable feelings. Frightening, Nervousness, Excitement,
Dear future daughter,   I don’t care what you look like    Whether you’re skinny or you’re not    Whether you have blonde hair, brown hair, red hair, or green hair
Hungarian Az egyszerű dolgok a legtöbbet jelentenek. Felébredni a reggeli illatára Emlékezni megvajazni a pirítósod Bókolni, szép nyaklánc Megmosni az autód amikor undi  
I found myself a new man. Man. God, I hope so.   I say - Oh, you're playing hard to catch? I say - I know who you are. I say - You're mine. Stop. Squirming.
They tell me education is the key to success the key that will get me out this mess the key that will present me with a new dress, walk and flow about me. Present me as "Doctor" instead of "Mister"
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