Reverse Poem

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Drawn to the edge of the waterin concert with the moontides ebbing, flowing,tasting, smelling,feeling, hearing,waves of the seacrashing, salty, wet,transporting me—Inner peace.
A reflection of me Words show all of me Hatred, pain, betrayal, Hope, love, hopelessness A part of me is revealing A written poem is  Healing A written poem is  A bleeding heart
I am a follower And I refuse to believe that I am a leader I realize this may be a shock, but saying I can lead this team Is a lie "It can't be done" In 30 years, I will tell my children that
For the shaking girl staring back at me; A bad day again There is no hope I will always be sad I can't be strong they say  life goes on in my heart I know
Attention Deficit Disorder  It ruined my life Never will I say It helped me find who I really am I realized that
God is not all I need I would be lying if I said that He is all I need   God, He is A fictional superhero Not
When I was younger I could not see But I let myself feel monsters under the bed Now I am grown, Powerful. I am not Afraid I am  Not day dreaming Since I am  Older now
  School makes me lonely It’s not like Being here has made me friends In my dreams I can see Smiling faces of friends and family But when I am awake I see People that care for themselves
You will always be here I don't believe that I will lose you I know this because Miracles happen Not lies like She won't survive The reality is that
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