Changing../ It's all changing.../ It seems as if everything, has to change./ Nothing can ever stay the, same./ But if I could change, anything.../ I couldn't choose./ I'd have to change, it ALL./ Dress codes, school punishments, privacy restrictions./ Something I have to face, like every other kid./ Jail time, laws and trails, bonds./ Something that the unfortunate, and the deserving have to face./ The feeling of hopelessness, anger, and violation./ The unfulfilled judgment that, evil does not get./ That victims have to live with...that they don't deserve./ Judgment, hatred, and diversity./ That is still here today that shouldn't be./ Pasts, colored, religions, sex, and love choices..../They all have to face it./ Fear, loneliness, and the void inside their hearts./ Man,woman,boy,girl...both...all./ It happens to everyone./ Hunger, pain, and envy of what is better./ That is unfortunate don't have./ Because money makes the world turn./ And if I could.../ Change everyone's heart.../ Their soul./ These are my changes./ But of course.../ There is always more to fix.   that punishments  


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