For A Certain Someone...

Roses are red

Violets are blue.

I'm not at all jealous

Or angry at you.


I'm just hurt from the truth

That everyone told me

So now I just want to

Make sure you're not near me.


You don't know how much I loved you.

You don't know how much I cared.

I just never told you anything.

How could I have dared?


I'm writing this poem

To make you realize

That my feelings for you

Were not at all lies.


Now myself is gone.

My heart is cold.

My feelings for you?

They all turned to mold.


Do you think you'll get away

With breaking my heart?

No, no, my dear "friend".

This is only but the start.


Roses are red,

My feelings are dead.

I'll take you back never.

Never, never. Nevermore.


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