They plugged into my artery with a needle named “IV”
and there you saw how sick I was.
You saw all my rotting parts.
I asked the Clipboards and they said
"Your heart has grown all crook’d."
I asked what went wrong and they just pointed,
pointed to the heavy callouses
that had grown.
I swallowed all the pills
that they said would make me well
but I still couldn’t feel anything
but the heaviness.
Day after day you held my hand
as the poison made its way
into all of my veins and trickled
through the broken capillaries that made
my eyes so dark and bruised.
A day came at last where there was nothing new,
nothing but eyes rubbed blind,
each day more blurry than the last.
Your seat beside me grew cold
but some nights I saw your silhouette.
Some nights it kept me company
but daylight always came
and when it did I was reminded
that one by one everyone left
giving me more callouses as souvenirs to keep.


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