I fled crime scene no turning back not even glance
Remembering myself when given a second chance
My body, mind and soul was laid out on the floor
Then I realized this is not exactly what I wished for

I pretended to be a good mechanic of the mind
Trying to fix broken pieces that kept me confined
"No, I don't need help, I'll do this all by myself"
How stubborn I could get till it's put on the shelf

Stammering around picking up pieces of my life
I look in the mirror where is my surgical knife
Skin and bones, scars now covered cause I fell
Eyes stoned, cloaked with perfume living hell

Look, I told you all before I could fix myself
Apparition, she's alive and can't off herself
Don't speak her name for any chance you meet
Hair covers her face as she paces the street

*Formated by a friend named Thomas*


The Day-Dreamer

I like this, you have a gift. God Bless. keep writing. :)


Thank you very much :)

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