Mon, 02/17/2014 - 16:42 -- Jenna M


Sometimes I can't breathe

When you're walking next to me.

Sometimes you just have to take a chance

and just say 'Hello'.


You smile at me and I smile back,

For the first time in forever, not worrying about my past.

Lost in your eyes,

I can't see where I go.


I trip.

You help me stand,

But you don't release my hand.


I smile

And you smile back



Six months down the road and you're crying.

Everyone's pushing you,

And you can't fight back.


Everything's a race

And life's cold grip is gaining fast.

You'll be overtaken and you're scared.


You slip.

You fall.

I help you stand.


But you push me away.

I'm the one who can't fight back.


In your frenzy you leave me on the ground.



A year from then I'm still seeking your hand:

Not the one that hit,

But the one that would hold.


You've found someone to control.

Someone who will always know

What it was like to fall.


But I've found my own way to stand.

A way that doesn't involve either love nor hate of your hand.


Looking into your glazed eyes, all I see is our past.

All I see are lies.

And I know that I can't last.


Sometimes I can't breathe

When you're anywhere close to me.

Sometimes, you have to leave all that you know.

Sometimes the worse place to stay, is 'home'.


Sometimes, you just have to take a chance.


I turn away and I smile.

You scream

But I won't turn back.


I am haunted by our past, 


I can breathe,


At last.


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