Breaking the Surface

Sat, 06/28/2014 - 16:51 -- inickel


I sat alone in my quiet corner

No one's allowed in my world

I live in a dream

Let me be

I'm not defined by these lines

I'm not confined

To only one rhyme

I am free

Let me be

I'm flying

My soul begins to soar

Across oceans, continents, I explore


I am free


Let me be

Can't you see

What this does to me

I yell across the ocean

To give you the notion

That this emotion

Is not what it appears to be

I'm not confined

To only one line

I fly away

To yesterday

Soaring across the sea

To an island where I'll meet

The shore and the ocean

To the devotion

Of the world that resides

Within one's mind

Watch the hands of the clock

Tick tock

To yesterday's time

Wind it back to today


Sail away

In a paper boat

Leaving behind the note

Written long ago



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