bReAk YoU

I'm sick

I'm out of my head


I love this boy,
and I want to show him,
but I hurt him instead


I can't take this,
can't make this,
can't fake this,
I'm no good at relationships


You want to stay,
I tell you to go,
and then I say no,
but then I say please,
I want you to leave


I don't even know what
I want anymore


I'm not doing this on purpose,
my life has no purpose,
I'm such a romantic,
but I tend to panic,


When you're near me,
and you touch me,
and you open your mouth
to say that you love me,


Don't know what to do,
I have so many issues


Like trust,
and commitment,


Don't know how to show
that I love you,
and I could be different


Could change for you,
would change for you,
just give me a chance and
I'd try not to break you


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