A boy like them

I want to be a boy in the way they are.

I want a round chest because it’s so muscular.

Not because my body needs a place to hold milk for a child that’ll never exist.

I wish I could have a bulge in my pants because of an awkwardly timed boner.

Not just because my pants fit weird.

Or because of the linty piece of silicone stuffed in my boxers.

I want to try hard in sports because I’m just a try hard.

Not because I need all the boys to perceive me as one of them.

Like they did to my friend in 4th grade when she was just good enough at soccer.

I want to be able to use the mens restroom in public.

Not just because the womens was full.

But because thats where I belong!

I wish I could just be a boy without having to try so hard.

They can effortlessly be a boy.

They don’t have to try.

It’s all they've ever known!

I'd give my life to be a boy like them.

And they have no idea how lucky they are.


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