Beneath Their Own Dirt


A young man with many dreams,

But lacking the courage to pursue.

It's all so hopeless, it seems.

Whatever should he do?


The world laughs and mocks him,

Calls him revolting names.

"Stop being such a girl, Tim!"

Twenty years in these games. 


No one to accept him or help,

No one to be there when he falls,

No one to see the pain he's felt,

Everytime trouble calls. 


Cowardice is nothing to laugh about,

Or rejoice for in any way.

Cowardice hides the way out,

Every single day. 


But these other men who laugh a lot

And, every day, mock him,

Don't realize the "rebuke" they've got

Is no lesser of a sin. 


Other men look down on this coward,

And the women refuse to flirt. 

Not caring that the help skyward

Lies beneath their own dirt.






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