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Slick sleet, sleepy things Stumble over me Hot mess, camo dress Be still to not be seen   Fire moths busy Setting sparks to trees No time to seek for shelter As grenades go  
  And here I thought that we would write books Magazines of controversy to be shouted at and intellectualized
He wants more than I can give. He has hopes that cannot be. I ponder on this impression. Can I find the strength to disappoint? It would be easiest to ignore it all. I could give him what he wants,
A young man with many dreams, But lacking the courage to pursue. It's all so hopeless, it seems. Whatever should he do?   The world laughs and mocks him, Calls him revolting names.
Cannot go any further, the pain hurts just so For months and months, they taunted Mocked and tortured the soul Bullies amuck
Fear is a universal language Anyone around the world can speak it But what I'm talking about are cowards People who will never reach the summit
Maybe You’re on the edge and about to jump Or you’ll go for the gun The rope looks like the one The drugs look the most fun Why? Because they called you dumb? Called you a bum?
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