Being Demisexual: The Inside That Counts



This is me, through my eyes

Not a sight to behold

Not a body to memorize

A veil over a soul


Outer beauty's appreciated

Not necessary to bed me

Just need feelings reciprocated

That's what I mean by "demi"


For you to be mine

Feelings of friendship are needed

As our souls intertwine

 I cherish how I am treated


We're attracted by love

The real beauty within

Your makeup thereof

The way you treat your kin


This seldom spoken term

Is mostly hidden from view

'Cause people just don't learn

About the REAL, human you


I'm out to say it

If you'd hear me speak

I'm demi, I submit

To your critique


"I decline your advance

'Cause here's my deduction.

Yes, you're pretty, perchance

But your soul's a corruption."


On the asexual scale

I score a fifty percent

That may sound like a tale

That's why I'm making my dent


You might think we're just "noble"

But that's a misconception

We're built to be social

And build a connection


So I end with this word

That I'm lifting my veil

Be it prom queen or nerd

Your beauty's not on my scale


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