Beginning of Something New


I want to let you know

not just you, but them, too.

I want to tell the world 

I will not be forgotten. 


I refuse to spend a day 

living an average life.

 I was made to show up. 

And show them my light. 


I will be heard by all

you will know my call

you will see that I

was never a pushover.


You should fear me 

especially my goals

I can make a change in this world 

I just need to be able to let go.


You, my family, friends, 

everything I know and love 

It scares me to know to get there

I have to leave you miles behind.


I know you have reservations

I understand, but the only way

I can change the world

is by letting go of your hand.


I will always love you

every night, and every day

we share the same heart

no matter how far away.





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