Because of you


Because of you I'm afraid.


Your kind.


You left me.


Without a care in the world.


They always felt bad for him.

How you weren't there for HIM

But what about me?

They don't think it affects me.

That you not being here doesn't matter to me.

But it does.

You have no idea what you've done,

Done to ME.


I was supposed to be your baby girl and now,

Now you go on with your life like,

Like I was never born.

Like I don't matter.


I use to believe that,

That I didn't matter.

I thought I didn't matter because I,

I didn't have the love of my father.

But I was wrong.


I do matter,

And I don't have to be afraid anymore.

I don't have to cower when a man is in my presence.

I don't have to feel inferior.

But I do.

And that might never leave me.


You did this,

You and you alone.

I'm afraid,

Because of you.


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