Because We're Human


Hello, you there! 

With the two eyes and feet,

With a mouth so red,

Looking so clueless and in defeat. 


What are you, there?

With the mystic sorrow gaze,

Appearing so solemn,

Frowning without a faze.


I've seen you, for sure!

You're just like me.

But while I smile and cheer,

Your cheeks lack the rosy glee.


What's my secret, you ask?

Why all you need is a beat.

With a good tune and lyric,

And a sweet treat to eat. 


Now, listen, that's not all to it.

Happiness can easily appear

when you're with that old friend 

who taught you how to sing and cheer. 


But, of course, you musn't forget,

That it isn't all about you.

Spreading the love with the world

can keep humans from turning blue. 


I finally know what you are.

I guess I'm the same, too.

So why are we smiling so easily?

Because we're human through and through. 


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