Because I Love You

Two people. 

Two very different people suddenly meet.

One and the other see each other and finally make a conversation.

It goes W E L L

at least for one

And something decides for them to meet again


They get to know each other: 

What they like, dislike, eat on Tuesdays, their dreams, their fears, whether or not they'd be willing to dance under the full moon while singing at the top of their lungs.

You know, the usual

One and the other start to learn who the other one is. 

They even start to find things that they think are C U T E about the other.

and may even find things that disgust them

And something decides for them that they need to get in trouble


They begin to trust each other:

One needs the other for something and the other needs someone to admire; they even start to see and plan around the patterns of behavior!

Soon they become fully dependent on each other.

Nonetheless, if someone should betray their trust...

They will need to learn how to F O R G I V E 

and for the love of everything holy and good in this world never bring it up again

And something decides to give them a happy ending


They start to love each other: 

Their hearts race, cheeks blush, butterflies invade their stomachs.

They may even decide to touch each other.

Trading hugs and gentle reassuring pats on the back

Who will say it F I R S T?

do you even love me at all? 

And something decides to give one or the other a firm push


They find themselves embracing each other:

One may drink too much; the other sometimes swears; one tends to leave dishes everywhere; the other makes a lot of noise in the morning.

Suddenly, the option to fight arises...

But they even see one's strength when they could of yelled and screamed; the other's sweet way with words; one's special cooking; the other's quick jokes.

Maybe love wasn't ever worth L O S I N G?

but we all have deal-breakers.

And something decides to even the playing field between them


They realize they are using each other: 

For money, stability, cleaning, making sure the skeletons stay in the closet.

Wasn't this a sign of abuse?

One watches the other closely, not knowing the other has been waiting for a warning to stop.

Not knowing they had A L W A Y S been using each other.

yet one wasn't always doing their fair share, now were they?

And something decides to let them fix it for themselves


They start to help each other:

the long fights were never going anywhere and they still knew, trusted, loved, and even embraced each other.

Why was using the other so easy but leaving them was so hard?

The other finally admits that they would watch what they'd say more often and will try not to make noise when one sleeps in the morning; one agrees to lay off the bottle and put the dishes in the sink.

The two reunite in the M I D D L E

let's just hope no one holds a grudge this time, right?

And something decides to shine a little sunlight on their hearts


They are grateful for each other:

It never mattered how hard the times got; they knew each other well enough to not even need to trust the other.

It never mattered how bad one's mistake was; they loved each other and embraced all the flaws and talents between the two of them.

It never mattered how grueling the task at hand was; they used each other while always remembering to help the other one in return, creating a beautiful relationship

But when one looked into the others eyes, 

The words never seemed to come out right.

Their hearts began to S W E L L!

I can see you're scared but I'm scared too; let's at least be scared together.

And something hears the exchange of tender hearted thank-you's and smiles warmly. 


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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