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BUGS IN HEAVEN? Will there be butterflies in heaven I should like to see them there With all their gorgeous colors
Two people.  Two very different people suddenly meet. One and the other see each other and finally make a conversation. It goes W E L L at least for one
from the steps of lewis and clark  to the marches of those fighting  war of 1812, mexican american 1846 civil war 1861 the boats of immigrants wanting better life
Ab(use) A helping hand turned into a hurting hand Good guidelines gone too far Daily duties met with demand What should have been a talk, ends up a scar
How interesting that I have never loved anyone I have  slept with. How interesting that I have never slept with anyone I love. Such a paradox. It makes me sick.
There is so much to do but so little time. You could find what you've lost; you could lose what youv'e found. But only you can deicde what is good for you to hold on to.
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