beautiful , you

is this abuse? if it wasn't before

you tell me i'm invalid

a monster

a cruel being to this beautiful world

you brought me in , you can take me out


how obscure

because at the end of the day

i'm unrattled


your angry words may inflict

damage upon my heart

but i wonder what is going on

in yours.

mom , why do you have to be so


why do you have to call me

a whore

a slut

everything under the sun

a liar

even though that is what i am

you shouldn't tell me that

dad , 

you called me a piece 

of shit

you told me that you knew

people who actually commited

who had taken their lives

and you told me i was putting on a show

that i know how to off myself properly

why don't i just do it?

i may be a liar

i may be one that does not conform to the

gender binary when

it comes to labels

but that doesn't mean

that i don't deserve respect

i am a liar

i am a cheater and

a thief.

however i am real

and i know myself.

so is this abuse? if it wasn't before?

when you acknowledge my pain

you wonder why i can't talk to you

my gender identity shouldn't matter

my stance on anything shouldn't


you are close-minded even though

you call yourself a bi-sexual.

you call yourself open-minded

even though you bash men for wearing womens


you side with my dad like

you never have before

just to try

and prove me wrong.

embarass me some more

i may just start to like it.

This poem is about: 
My family


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